Cansan Aluminum manufactures aluminum profiles, aluminium profiles, molds, aluminium molds, aluminum molds, industrial profiles, furniture profiles, construction profiles, solar profiles, automotive profiles, extrusion molds, aluminum profile, aluminium profile, mold, aluminium mold, aluminum mold, industrial profile, furniture profile, construction profile, solar profile, profile, profiles, cladding, facade, solar panel, extruded profile, extruded profiles... Cansan Aluminum was founded in 1990 and one of Turkey's leading aluminum producer with its modern factory established on a 100,000 m2 area with high-tech equipment and it has 36,000 tons / yearly production capacity. The company is specialized in manufacturing high quality aluminum profiles at precise tolerances, special alloy and high quality with its experienced and professional team. Our company continues its production with integrated service concept for mold manufacturing, profile manufacturing, electrostatic powder coating, anodizing coating and all kinds of machining operations and produces all types of industrial profile, furniture profiles, construction profiles, solar profiles and automotive profiles. Superior design and engineering strength, competence and capacity in machining are our company’s strengths that make a difference. Cansan Aluminum strengthened its expertise on aluminum and alloys with the support of R & D of Holding Yeşilova exports to more than 30 countries by performing the production of high quality products at the most demanding tolerances.

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